My mission is to help entrepreneurs create their own profitable applications. I am working to demystify the process involved in bringing apps to market. I find that people are often frightened of tech and therefore avoid it but it is part of our everyday lives and I'd like to help people embrace it.


Why have I chosen to do this? I believe that anyone can create, own and earn money from apps despite little or no tech knowledge. How do I know this? Because, when I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to download an app from the App Store on hypnobirthing. No such app existed.


So, with no coding knowledge and no idea how I was going to do it,  I started investigating how to create an app. I invested £400 in creating a basic app and I worked with a psychologist to create the first iHypnobirth app. Following the success of that app I went on to create four more. They bring in a passive income each month.


All you need is a great idea.

"All you need is a great idea!"